Idyllic, Yet Uneasy

Today is archery day in Escapeville.  What fun the guys are having!  'scapeville is full of things to do and to see.  But something about it bothers Billy.
There is no death, or sickness, and no one is old.  Billy cannot remember how he got here.  No one travels far from town, although there are plenty of roads and vehicles.  It seems that every time that Billy means to ask others about this, he forgets to do so.  What a silly bunny I am, he thinks.  Sometimes he dreams and in those dreams are places of pain and darkness.  However, when he wakes he remembers nothing except that it is time to make breakfast and then go have coffee in town.  It is starting to look like another beautiful day!


Grief, Oskar Zwintscher.  1898

This is a good Spanish site on artists of the same period and type.

This guy has a lot of range.

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One of these guys is guilty of something, probably drinking that wine.  This is up there with Daumier for expression.


This is me with my grandfather, Sylvester Davis, c. 1959.  Sylvester was an executive for Gulf Oil.  He was an eidetiker and had a pronounced fondness for alcohol.  I take after him in at least one of those things.  He carried the oil flow figures for the northern hemisphere in his head, and if he had ever fucked that up he would have been fired.  The oil business at that time was not known for empathy or consideration.  He was a very smart man.  I have only the vaguest memory of him, I just remember a big man with a hat taking me to get ice cream one day.  He died in 1961.  I am not a year old in this picture


John Wesley Hardin calls a game in Bastrop, Texas.  He was such a scamp!

A False Alarm, This Time

But one cannot be too alert.

How Did He Get It?

Just hours before his execution, Herman Goering bites down on a cyanide capsule.  No one has any idea where it came from.  The last person to talk with Goering was Dr. Phluecker, who gave him some tablets in an envelope, probably aspirin or downers of some kind.  I think the good doctor the prime suspect in this crime.  The cyanide ampoule was contained in a cut-down rifle cartridge casing.  This was found in the cell.  Goering was subject to intensive body and cell searches at random every day.   The poison was not on him or in his cell until the very last.  Freed of his massive codeine addiction, and having lost 100 lbs, Goering recovered his considerable strength of character and savage intelligence.  He knew he would hang.  There have been many theories, but they usually depend on a lax American officer, which I do not believe.  
The one person who could have killed the Beast and ended the war escaped judicial retribution.
Sloppy, sloppy.  Then as now prison work did not use the best people available, to say the least.  We also lost Robert Ley to a very preventable suicide.
Remember that Goering was responsible for the implementation of the Final Solution and the signed order was produced at his trial. 

(The insert shows the scaffold being erected.  American troops played basketball to cover up the sound of construction.  They may have just as well announced the time and date to someone as cagey as the Reichsmarschall.  The hangman was an American soldier with very little experience who probably wanted out of combat.  In today's military this guy would be dishonorably discharged.  He fucked the job up and the Nazis strangled.  Thus Goering escaped a double indignity).


Roger Degueldre evade les flics, again.  Oran, 1961.