Happy Easter, New Rome!

A lot of hopes were dashed today among the wolves of New Rome. 

Flamma is saying, "See you in Hell, Kitty"!

Raw Talent

Good and hungover this Easter morning, I was reading through my Deviant Art account and I got this from 
a very good artist who is one of the best yet at expressing action.  I have seen plenty of commercial comic artists that are not near as good as he is.  (Marvel and D.C., I'm talking to you)!   He works in ink and I don't know if he is using a pen or brush or what.  I have been drawing my grumpy, vain, resentful and slow-witted rabbit in pencil for almost seven years now, and br273k has summed him up with one drawing.  Not to mention I don't see any underdrawing, which I would be lost without.  The children make this picture and put it over the top.  This is the best Easter present I have ever had.  There is a lot more where this came from and I urge anyone who wants to see outstanding comic style art to visit his site.  I know many good artists and DA is the best social art site I have ever been on, not to mention that I haven't been kicked off.  (yet).  I have been in isolation for years and seeing great stuff like this really makes me try just that much harder.

If I didn't have such a sense of humor I would be jealous as hell about this.

Of course, such a feeling never crossed my mind.  That would just be silly!

Great Animal Lovers Are Often Pathetic In Their Hatred Of Humanity

August 16, 1933.  Hermann Goering forbids vivisection.  The artist is the American born Arthur Johnson, and this is not satire.  Johnson was a Nazi.  This was published in Kladderdatsch Magazine.  I am trying to keep this blog at least tangent to comic and anthropomorphic animal art so this more than qualifies.
(The rest of this is what happens when I get loose with a computer and an internet connection.  For the record, I want a ban on all animal testing, no exceptions.  We have plenty of humans in this world and bad things sometimes happen to innocent people.  So why should horror be visited on those who cannot speak for themselves?  At the very least our useless, cruel, and foolish government should mandate the sharing of research data, a requirement that would effectively end animal testing.  Goering imprisoned those who tortured animals.  I would kill them).

"An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself.... I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp".

August 28, 1933 Radio Address, Herman Goering

Goering, Arthur Szyk

Hitler was concerned about animals and forbade the boiling of living lobsters and crabs.  Himmler wanted to abolish hunting completely.  Among the many hats he wore, Hermann Goering was the Chief Huntsman of the Reich, which added another silly uniform that he could wear to his collection.

 These were among the most evil humans who have ever held real power.  Goering implemented the Final Solution, the signed document ordering Reinhardt Heydrich to do so was produced at his trial for crimes against humanity.  In addition to his looting all the art he could get his hands on, Goering left 6th Army to die at Stalingrad, having promised that he could resupply the men by air.  It was an impossible job and he knew it, and it was only to buy Hitler's favor that he agreed to such an insane commitment.  
Caring about animals is praiseworthy.  Slaughtering humans on an industrial scale is beneath contempt and beyond understanding.  Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich et al. were monsters.  Goering was a man of proven bravery and leadership ability.  He appreciated high culture and had no beef against the Jewish people, until he saw an opportunity for power.  He famously said, " I will decide who is Jewish".  He was also a moral coward who lived for Hitler's approval.
It is interesting that the primary animal rights group in the world is composed of unscrupulous liars and hypocrites who have built their organization on donations from the genuinely caring and the weak minded who cannot do research.  They expect others to do what they want to forbid, but it does not apply to them.  Who does this remind you of?


A compassionate, tender heart.

(The title is a quote or paraphrase from A Coffin For Dimitrios by Eric Ambler, one of the most profound books ever written).   

Eric Ambler wrote Coffin in 1938.  He was a keen observer of what was happening on the Continent and his great novel is a metaphor and prediction at once, not to mention a ripping good yarn.  He was 38 when the book was published.  Only George Orwell did better at putting ice cold reality into fiction.

Marching To A Very Different Drum!

 "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

You know who you are.  

The above picture is a Jack Davis masterpiece.  The quote is from that useless beatnik Henry David Thoreau, Walden.


 Fishing does not come easily to rabbits, and mistakes are common.  Here everyone tries to make sense of a tangled line.  Eventually something will happen, but these two don't want to catch fish anyway.  The day is already fun enough!

My Youth Summarized For Me

This outrageous drawing is by Daniel Pup.  I am not going to post the others he has up but rather give his Instagram address.


 I had such a good time when I was a kitten!